No User Tracking Free Marketing with Tiny Ads

Get your Side Project more exposure with Tiny Ads.
Tiny Ads helps each member with free marketing in form of a tiny ad on each members Landing Page.
We will ensure a generous amount of free ads for your webpage. In return we ask you to place a tiny ad of a fellow member on your page.

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Optimize your Conversion Rate.
Privacy-friendly A/B Tests for your Webpage.
by Tiny Ads
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100 Impressions a week for free

You can increase your weekly limit by buying a lifetime access. (coming soon)

Everything you need

Just one line of Code

Just copy paste one line of code to your html and get free traffic to your landing page.

  • Blacklist Competitors
  • Embedded Analytics
  • With a free forever plan
  • Ethical Advertisment: No User Tracking
  • Target your customers (coming soon)
  • Non-intrusive
  • No Cookies
  • Unlimited Domains

Frequently asked questions

How much does the lifetime limit increase cost?
Pricing is not determined yet. But the first 100 customers will get a generous offer.
How does the blacklisting work?
Simply put your competitors url on a blacklist. We will ensure that no ads of them appear on your page.
How can I target my customers?
We do not track users. In the future we will analyze the landing pages and find the best matches for your product.
It could distract our user when they want to decide to try us out
To limit distraction all ads will be required to easily click away. We let you decide where to place the ad.
Does Tiny Ads conforms to GDPR?
Yes. We do not place any cookies or collect any personal information.
We only collect data about the ad. (Clicks, impression, exits ...)
And some generic browser information. (Operation System, Browser, Mobile/Desktop).
No specific version numbers or IP addresses are saved. Finger printing should be impossible just by small tuples like (Chrome, Mac, Desktop).

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